Dry Aging

There’s one more step we take to create our unique flavor and quality. Once the animal is slaughtered, we dry age the meat, allowing it to hang in the cooler for a few weeks prior to butchering.  All beef is aged for at least a few days, but most meat is wet aged, kept in sealed plastic shrink-wrap while aging.  Dry aging allows enzymes to naturally break down the muscle tissues and fibers, adding rich flavor and additional tenderness to the meat.  Because dry aging allows water loss and is more costly, today the process is used primarily only in boutique butcher shops and high-end steakhouses.  Our dry aged Shipley Farms beef provides you with a truly unique combination of the healthiest beef we can produce, with the texture, flavor, tenderness, and marbling that our Signature Beef is known for.

  • Why Frozen?
    Over half of the food produced in the US is wasted from spoilage. We vacuum-seal and freeze our beef as soon as it’s butchered, all the way to your table, minimizing waste while delivering the best quality available.