At Shipley Farms, we raise beef the way beef used to be, before there were shortcuts – naturally, pasture raised, no steroids, no antibiotics, no growth stimulants – the way we’ve always done it. R.G. Shipley Signature Beef™ is raised in the Appalachian mountains and rooted in history, the result of best animal practices developed over a century, with exceptional care and a commitment to quality & health… and you can taste the difference.

Our 115 acre farm was established in 1872 by Nathan and Sarah Shipley. Their son, W.E. Shipley, R.G.’s father, brought the first registered Hereford bull into North Carolina in 1897, walking behind a horse-drawn buggy. The Shipley family has been breeding and raising premium beef for generations, and the farm is recognized by the NC Department of Agriculture as one of the state’s “Century Farms.”

R.G. Shipley Signature Beef™

"Our promise: To provide beef that tastes better and is healthier for you because of where it comes from and how it is cared for." – R.G. Shipley, Sr. (1912-2015)

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